How can a Pacifier Holder Help Save you Time and Money?

A pacifier holder attaches a pacifier to the baby’s clothes and it prevents the pacifier from falling to the floor or getting lost.  Most pacifier holders are made of cloth with either plastic ends like the picture in this blog, or metal ends. There are also others that are made out of plastic and some are  stuffed animals or toys. The most practical are cloth pacifier holders with metal clips are the best value. They are machine washable and they hold up longer than plastic clips.

Pacifier holders also help you save money , because when a pacifier is in a holder, there is less of a chance that the pacifier will get lost. Some parents have been known to lose up to five pacifiers a week! But after actively using a pacifier holder they don’t lose any! Since the pacifier holders are not touching the ground (and getting lost) there’s also less clean up involved. It is still receommended that you clean and sterilize your pacifiers once per day even when using a holder, but think of all the money you can save by not having to constantly buy pacifiers, soap and wasting water!

Pacifier holders can also help you keep your baby out of the doctor’s office for unnecessary checkups caused by germs and flus. With the current rise of health care costs almost every approach has to be taken to keep your child healthy and germ free. However, most parents will argue the safety of a pacifier holderand that they are safe as long as the child is being supervised. You should also not let you child sleep while wearing their pacifier holders and wash them regularly to keep them germ free.

Have a safe and happy day!

Michelle L. Spitzer

Owner, Pacifier B Gone


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