Pacifier B Gone WORKS! It Really Does!

Dear Pacifier B Gone Blog Readers:

We are proud to share this success story with you about our product, the Pacifier B Gone system. I hope that you will enjoy reading this story, try our product, and recommend us to your friends!

Thank you.

Michell L. Spitzer

Owner, Pacifier B Gone

Hi Michelle,

Well, UNBELIEVABLY it worked!!!

We began as I told you in the last message, and I had high hopes that it would work, but was truly just very skeptical because my son is very stubborn, and loves his paci, and I could not see how this was going to help. I figured once he realized that Sunny Duck had his paci in his tummy, that Caelan would tear the thing to shreds in an effort to locate the pacifier. I thought that once the reality sunk in that the duck meant the end of the paci, and that he would no longer be allowed the paci, that he would reject the duck and insist on the paci. Amazingly, not so! I will tell of our week below

We began day one in the morning, as opposed to the evening, as it worked better for us that way. We started the day by telling him all about how he was a big boy now that he was 2 yrs old (birthday was the 21st, which is why I wanted it for just after that time). We told him how he was getting too big to have a pacifier, and that we had a special thing for him. I pulled out the book and the sticker chart, and explained how it was going to work, and then we taped it to the wall opposite his bed. We read the book, and then I helped him put the sticker on Day 1. He happily said goodbye to all pacifiers except the one, as I told you in previous email. For nap and bedtime, we read the Binky Fairy book, and reviewed the chart, excitedly telling him all about how at the end of the week, the fairy would put the paci in sunny duck’s tummy and then Caelan would get the duck. My two older children (ages 5 and 4) totally got into it (believing that a real fairy was coming to give the duck), and actually helped a lot to reinforce what was being done.

By day 2, he had had the story read several times, and after I would read it, he would ask to read it himself, and would quote back what he had memorized. Each time I would get to the first page, he would say “look at all those pacifiers!” Then, he would say the number at the top left page, and I would read what it said. Every time we would get to the first page featuring Sunny Duck, he would kiss the duck on the page and say “Sunny Duck!” He speaks clearly, knows his numbers, letters, can sing ABCs, etc., so I knew he was at least somewhat understanding the gist of the book.

The rest of the days, we did the same thing as above. On night 7, we told him that the Binky Fairy would be coming to bring him Sunny Duck and that this was his last night of his pacifier. He said “No Sunny Duck!” and did not want to read the book. So we talked to him some more about how exciting it was, and he wanted to read the book, all except the last page that says “sweet dreams”. I think that somehow he thought that if he read that last page, he would be done with his paci, but by not reading it, he could have it…anyway, he went to bed that night, and we took the pacifier and put the duck in his bed.

He woke up the next morning and we all (very enthusiastically!) talked the duck up! He looked at it and told me to “open it”, and began tugging on the ruffling on the belly. My husband and I looked at each other, like “uh oh…he’s going to tear this thing up trying to find it”. He then threw the duck across the room, saying “No Sunny Duck!!” However, there were no tears, no arguments, and generally he seemed fine! A few times that day, he came up to me with the duck and wanted me to open it, and then would throw the duck across the room. He didn’t want to sleep with the duck at naptime, and asked for his paci (but only once). I just enthusiastically explained that “remember, you’re too big for paci now, so sunny duck is keeping it safe for you. I was stunned when he accepted this and had his nap without the pacifier. That night, same thing. Once requested, once denied. Sleep with no paci. We were expecting to hear him in the middle of the night, saying “where’s paci?”, which is what he does when he loses it in the middle of the night. We heard nothing. Next day, he didn’t even ask for the pacifier – at nap or night! He also took the duck into his bed and slept with it. He has slept with it every night since, and hasn’t so much as asked for the pacifier…has completely boggled my mind! Anyway, he is paci free for the new year, and doesn’t even actually seem to miss it and hasn’t looked for it.

I was just glad to have a non-traumatic way to get rid of it, since he seemed to be much more attached to it than our first son (daughter in between sucked her thumb), and baby four is currently trying to decide between paci and thumb!

Thanks so much! Caelan is paci free!




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