Why You Need A Teething Pacifier 

Somewhere around the time your toddler reaches that point where they are a half of a year old they will begin to teeth. Any time after they are six months old they will start to have teeth coming in. This is often an uncomfortable experience for your baby, because the gums are sensitive and their mouths hurt a lot. Sometimes they can become so irritable that they just sit and cry because of their mouth pain. Other times they are just grumpy, not wanting to eat or sleep as they sit their in your arms and drool. It’s obvious that your poor baby needs some pain relief. What do you do?

Give your baby a teething pacifier. Teething pacifiers are made just a little different from a regular pacifier and they are designed to help to make your baby’s mouth feel more comfortable. In doing this, it will make your toddler happier and more relaxed. The teething pacifier is designed so that it can go into the freezer to be cooled down. The coolness will will be experienced later in your baby’s mouth and it will ease their discomfort.

The special fluid inside the teething pacifier freezes without damaging the pacifier nodule. It allows the nipple to expand as it unfreezes. After it unfreezes, it returns to its normal shape and it allows your baby to suck on a regular pacifier. Its relaxing motion is felt after the pain in your baby’s mouth has been eased. This will allow your toddler to finally drift off to sleep after a period of irritability and restlessness.

A small container usually accompanies the teething pacifier to allow it to be cooled without sitting right in the freezer. You can also freeze the pacifier can also be frozen by putting it with ice packs for traveling. When your baby requires their teething pacifier you can pull one out of the cooler for immediate use. This is a very useful tool to keeping baby happy when they are going through the stage where teeth are popping up and their poor, little mouths are sore.

Michelle L. Spitzer

Owner, Pacifier B Gone



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