New Year’s Eve Fun Crafts for You and Your Toddler!

Shake it Up with Shakers!

For this cool little craft you will need to purchase several strong cardboard paper bowls or small plates. Help your toddler to decorate the plates with different kinds of art materials, such as felt and paper scraps, newspaper and magazine clippings, and so on. Write “Happy New Year!” on the outside of each the plates or bowls. To assemble, place a handful of dried beans on a plate or bowl, and then cover it with another plate or bowl, then staple it shut. Now your child will have a homemade noisemaker!

Capture Time with a Time-Capsule Noise Maker!

This craft involves making the same shaker as described above, and hiding a time capsule inside of it. For the time capsule, have your child draw a picture of the family, answer questions about themselves, and include their dreams or goals for the New Year. Tuck the paper inside the noisemaker before you staple the plates shut. On New Year’s Eve, let your toddler shake some noise into the midnight hour. Then, store the noisemakers away (for at least five years) and bring them out to enjoy in the future.

Rattle into the New Year!

To make rattles for New Year’s Eve, use two clear plastic cups and invite your toddler to make rattles with you by placing a handful of dried beans, rice, clean fish tank gravel, shiny pennies, or colorful beads inside one glass. Put the other glass on top, then tape the two cups together (rim to rim) with colorful plastic tape. You can also use this tape to make stripes around the rattle for decoration.

Happy New Year and have FUN! 🙂

Michelle Spitzer

Owner, Pacifier B Gone





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