How to Make Christmas Dinner with your Toddler

Here’s how to let your toddler join in the fun and tradition of preparing the holiday meal.






1. Gather your supplies and all of the necessary ingredients ahead of time. Get everything ready and decide beforehand what your toddler can help you with, thenen you won’t have to turn your back on your curious toddler while looking for ingredients.

2. Look for simple recipes and follow them. Let your toddler help with recipes that you find require little effort, such as tearing bread for stuffing or scooping flour for bread. Keep the more complex recipes for yourself.

3. Start your toddler with a simple task. Any task that requires simple steps, such as scooping or mashing, are best for first-time helpers. Also, be smart and give your toddler tasks that will take some time to complete. This will allow you to put together the other ingredients or work on other recipes while they are busy. If your toddler has cooked with you before, then you may want to experiment with pouring and stirring.

4. Explain to your toddler what you are doing. Tell them what steps you are following and what will come next. Talk about the specific amounts of ingredients you are using – 1 c. milk, 2 tbsp. cinnamon. Ask questions like, “What will we do with this flour? What is happening to the potatoes when you mash them?”

5. Be sure to point out the textures and smells of the ingredients you are using. Let your toddler explore with safe cooking ingredients.

6. Plan other kitchen activities for your toddler, such as washing safe objects in the sink which is a chore that toddlers love to do, especially if you have a sink hose. Use some pretend or safe dishes your toddler can pretend to cook with while you are preparing food.

Have fun and Merry Christmas!

Michelle Spitzer

Owner, Pacifier B Gone


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