How to Build a Good Relationship with your Toddler’s Caregivers

Your toddler’s caregivers are counting on you to keep up your end of the bargain. They keep your child safe and secure while you’re at work, and you agree not to take advantage of them. Here are some tips on how to build a good relationship with them.

  • Pick up your child on time. Sometimes there are emergencies , and you’re bound to be late once in a while, but make every effort to be prompt. If you anticipate a delay early in the day, call your childcare center or provider. Remember: Caregivers have lives too, and when you’re late, you make them late for their own appointments.
  • Turn in all necessary paperwork. Even before your child attends his first day of school you’ll need to submit a bunch of documents such as immunization records and medical health release forms. State law mandates that all centers comply with this law, so be sure to help your childcare center out by handing in these forms on time.
  • Bring up any problems immediately with the preschool director or the lead teacher. This is the most efficient way to get problems addressed and you are doing them a favor when you point out a blind spot in their operation.
  • Read all notices and mail you get from the center. When you see papers in your child’s cubby, don’t toss them in the recycling bin. This may cause you to miss out on valuable information about school closings, field trips, or special events. Do not look at it as “junk” mail. Childcare centers try to keep you abreast of all activities they would like you to participate in.
  • Make sure your child has all the supplies she needs. Keep extra clothes in her cubby in case of spills or potty accidents. If your toddler comes home wearing the spare clothing, be sure to bring a fresh set the next day. If your child’s class is doing a special art project, send her in with the she has the tools she needs.
  • Report any illnesses to your center or preschool. Germs travel fast among children. The caregiver needs to know if your baby has been exposed to any highly contagious diseases. Anything contagious has to be reported because they need to spread the word to other parents.
  • Let caregivers know if your child needs extra care on a particular day. If your little one didn’t sleep well the night before, or your partner is away on a business trip and your toddler is missing him, let the staff know. That way they’ll be able to give your child some extra attention.
  • Let the staff know if your child’s routine will change on a given day. If grandma’s in town and wants to pick up your child in the afternoon, be sure to let the caregiver know. Daycare centers are not allowed to release your child to anyone but you unless you give them permission. If you’ll be picking up your baby early for a doctor’s appointment, call them and let them know that too.
  • And of course, pay your fees when they’re due. This part is only fair. Don’t get caught with a zero bank balance when it comes time to write your childcare center a check. It is just bad form to keep them waiting for your payment.

Take care and until next time…

Michelle Spitzer

Owner at Pacifier B Gone






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