How to Get your Toddler Ready for Their First Haircut

As your toddler approaches their second year, it will soon be time for their first haircut. You can avoid tears or tantrums with a little advance planning.

1. Go to a hair salon that specializes in kids. They sometimes have toys for them to sit on while they are getting their haircut, like horses or sports cars. This is a great way to distract your child from the scissors!

2. If you go to a regular salon or barber, be sure to schedule your appointment with an experienced stylist who knows how to cut children’s hair. Look for someone who will go out of her way to make your child feel comfortable and safe. This is important, because at a regular salon, your toddler will end up sitting in a booster chair. If your child doesn’t want to sit in the booster chair, ask the stylist if they can sit in your lap instead.

3.  Asking a toddler to sit still in a chair for for 10 to 15 minutes is a huge task! One that they will definitely handle better if they have had a good nap and also a full tummy.

4. If you have the opportunity, stop by the salon before the actual date to acquaint your toddler with the setting. If you can’t do this, try playing beauty salon or barber shop at home. Sit your toddler in her high chair, spritz her hair with a water bottle, and pretend you’re cutting her hair while you hold a scissor. Then tell her how beautiful she looks with her new haircut!

5. Finally, be sure to come armed with distractions. Bring some small toys from home to keep them happy and preoccupied.  A lollipop is also a great idea. Be sure to pack one of these too. The salon might have these items on hand, but it is a good idea to bring them yourself, just in case.

Happy Haircuts!

Michelle Spitzer, Pacifier B Gone





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