How to Handle Toddler Teething

Every baby reacts differently to teething and it can be a challenging time for both you and your baby. You may find that your is crying uncontrollably, drooling and biting on her fingers. Teething is a painful time for your baby and a very diffcult time for you. It is definitely not fun, but teething is something every child must go through. Here are a few things you can do to help.

Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen

You may want to give your baby  acetaminophen or ibuprofen to help ease the pain if she is going through extreme pain. Either one of these medicines will help numb the pain, but ibuprofen has the added benefit of being an anti-inflammatory as well. This is especially useful because as the teeth come in, your baby’s gums can become very red an inflamed from the teeth pushing themselves up.

Teething Gels

Tooth gels come in baby strength as well.  Even though it seems like a great option to help your baby’s pain, be sure not to use this type of teething gel on your toddler until she reaches at least 4 months of age. Gels only provide temporary relief and can be washed away in your baby’s mouth which can result in numbing the wrong area. Apply only a small amount of the gel `directly where it’s needed.

Teething Rings 

You may want to purchase a teething ring, because teething rings can be very useful to help your baby get through some of the pain. If you choose to use a liquid filled teething ring, be sure that you cool it off in the refrigerator, NEVER do it in the freezer. A frozen teething ring can shock your baby by being too cold and hard and it will definitely hurt more than it soothes. There are many different types of teething rings available. There are hard plastic rings with different bumps that are wonderful for your baby to bite down on. Biting provides temporary pain relief to your baby and  your baby will want to bite down on something very often.

Popsicles and Other Cold Treats

You might want to give your toddler a popsicle or other frozen treat. This is a great way to help numb their pain and they will enjoy it. Like teething rings, your baby will feel soothed by the coldness of the treat. It will also taste great and that in itself with help ease the pain. However, please remember that you should limit your baby’s sugar intake in the first year. Try to find natural fruit popsicles or other naturally sweet treats with no sugar added. Stay away from popsicles that have chunks of fruit in them until your baby has enough teeth to chew them properly.

How NOT to Handle Teething

Do not ever  go along with anyone’s advice to give your baby alcohol. Whiskey or any other type of alcohol is NOT a good solution for your baby’s pain. In fact, because your baby is so small, even a small amount of alcohol can do a lot of harm to your baby. Try one of the previously mentioned methods for easing your baby’s pain, but never resort to alcohol or anything else that might hurt your baby.


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