How to Choose the Right Clothing for Your Toddler

Your toddler’s clothes should not only be trendy and affordable, but also practical and safe. Read our guidelines and take them along withy you the next time you go shopping.


All of your toddler’s clothing should be non-flammable so that it is safe for your child. Check the labels on the clothing you are considering purchasing to see if they indicate whether the garment is flame resistant or not.

Right Size

Buying your toddler’s clothes in the right size is crucial. Clothes that are too small will fit too tight. Clothes that are too big, will definitely hinder your child while he is playing and can become caught on play equipment  leading to injury.  Look for rib knit necklines or single-thickness collars that lie flat since your child’s neck is still short.

Moving Freely

All of your toddler’s clothing should support your child to move around freely. The clothes should contain natural fibers to prevent it from causing your child to have itchy skin.  None of the clothes should contain few loose parts to prevent it from getting caught on furniture or tripping your toddler up. If your toddler is still crawling, the crotch length of any pants that you buy should be long enough not to bind.  Look for fullness in the seat since your toddler is still wearing diapers. Crotch openings
in the pants will also make changing easier.

Appropriate Fasteners

Fasteners should be solid and easy to operate for your toddler. When your toddler is learning to dress himself, you can support him or her by choosing clothing that is easy for them  to put on and take off. If you have started the potty training, pants with an elastic band will help your toddler to quickly take its pants off when needed.  If a piece of clothing has shoulder straps, make sure they are adjustable to prevent them from falling down. For example, hook and loop tape is much easier to handle than buttons, and straps are easier than laces.

Natural Fibers – Cotton

Clothing which consists mainly out of cotton, or other natural fibers is likely to wear easy,  be strong and of course, easily washable.

Keeping Your Toddler Warm & Dry

Coats, hats, pants and other heavy clothes should be worn to keep your child warm and dry to allow them to play outdoors without being distracted by the cold or rain.

Easily Washable

As we all know children’s clothing is dirty before you know it! Be sure that the clothes are easily washable and dry quickly. Check the labels for washing instructions.


Fun toddler clothing can be expensive, and toddlers grow so fast that they quickly outgrow their clothes. For thise reason, you might want to consider second hand clothing to reduce your expenses. If you don’t have a second hand store nearby, look online for a second hand clothing store with affordable and fun toddler clothing.


As with our own clothes, when sale arrives, most of us are tempted to buy clothing for the next season. It can seem like a wise thing to do, since it saves money, but it is not. Your toddler may not be the right size for the clothing that you purchased on sale when the season arrives.  Purchase only those outfits which your child fits at that period of time.

Involve your toddler!

If you involve your toddler in the purchasing process, your toddler is more likely to like the clothes and WEAR them without protesting.

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One Response to “How to Choose the Right Clothing for Your Toddler”

  1. Deborah Northcutt Says:

    Choosing the right clothes for your toddler is a parent’s duty for their child. You’re not just want to have to be choosy for their wearings but also to all the products you use for them. Nowadays, products for and everything contains unwanted chemicals that could harm our body. So we must be very vigilant.

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