Dos and Don’ts of Pacifier Weaning

First of all, DON’T try to wean your child from their pacifier cold turkey. Your child’s binky is like a trusted friend to them. It’s a source of comfort and security. The last thing you want to do is to induce unnecessary trauma in the life of your child. Life is tough enough already.

DO begin to limit their use when you start the process of weaning from the pacifier. Let your child use it only during naps and at bedtime.

Next, DON’T be undecided and unsure of yourself. If you’ve made the decision that weaning from a pacifier is important—stick with it. Be a parent and be a leader to your child.

DO keep a positive and upbeat attitude. Offer encouragement and support to your child throughout the entire weaning from pacifier process.

Further, DON’T be haphazard and unorganized. Children take comfort in having structure. This is even more critical since breaking this habit will introduce uncertainty and confusion into their life.

DO have a plan and create a process. I personally came up with a 7-day process to wean my child from a pacifier. It was simple, but very structured. Every night I would read them a story about the Binky Fairy. The gist of the story was that they were getting big now and the Binky Fairy was going to come and give them a special friend to take care of their pacifier since they didn’t need it anymore.

Finally, DON’T stress and worry about what to do.

DO have confidence in yourself as a mom and try to make the whole experience fun.

If you would like more information on the exact, step-by-step 7 day system I used to wean my children from a pacifier, please visit us at:


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