How to Buy Shoes for your Toddler

When your toddler becomes mobile, it is very important to know how to buy the right shoes to protect their feet. This requires Mom and Dad to know a thing or two about buying the best toddler shoes.

Here is Pacifier B Gone’s advice on navigating the toddler shoe market:

Hard Soled VS. Soft

The same as with adult shoes, toddler shoes with soles that are too soft can cause slips and falls. Bascially, you want a shoe with “little bit of sole” to avoid or at least minimize accidents.  A leather or rubber sole will definitely assist you in providing the traction that your toddler needs.

Sneakers VS. Boots

Most sneakers are good because they generally do not constrain the toddler’s foot and they allow for proper development. Sneakers are usually made with canvas and pliable leather which allows the shoe to mold to a child’s foot for a good fit.

Cheap VS. Expensive

For young children who are  just learning to walk, inexpensive shoes are okay. The most important is now how much the shoe costs, but that it fits properly.

Open-Toed VS. Closed

Closed-toed shoes are generally better, open-toed shoes don’t offer a lot of foot protection for a child just learning to walk. The same goes for shoes such as “Crocs.” Children can easily trip on these types of shoes if they’re just learning to walk since they are not entirely stable. It is best to hold off on purchasing these types of shoes until around age 2 or later.

New VS. Used

Even though it might be tempting to use hand-me-down shoes from friends or family to save a few bucks, especially due to the challenging economy, this is one area that requires you buy new. Children need shoes to mold to their feet.  If you choose to use a hand-me-down pair of shoes, you are literally forcing your child’s foot into a shoe that has already molded to the shape of someone else’s foot. This means your toddler could end up with blisters! Ugh!

Buy good shoes for your toddler! They are worth it!


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