Games to Play with your Toddler (16 to 20 months)

The Tea party
Buy a child-sized plastic tea set, then take it outdoors. Fill a large plastic bowl with water. Pretend that you’ve “come to tea” and persuade your toddler to fill the teapot and pour the tea. This fun game will challenge his coordination skills and help him learn about the components of water . For example, that it always flows down and not up!

Making Block Patterns
This requires some concentration on your toddler’s part, so it’s best played after he has had his nap. Creat a pattern using his building blocks, such as three in a row or “two up, two down” to make a square. Encourage him to use other blocks to duplicate your pattern. Then let him try making his own pattern and then copy it yourself. Sorting these types of objects into shapes will help encourage your toddler’s problem-solving skills.

Roll It
Balls are always popular toys for toddlers. Bouncy balls are best kept outside. However, soft, foam balls make great indoor toys. The easiest ball game to start playing with your toddler is a simple version of “catch.” Sit on the ground facing your toddler with your legs apart and toes touching his. Roll the ball backward and forward to each other without it going out of bounds. This is fun for building arm muscle strength and hand-eye coordination.

The Collector
Go for a walk with your toddler and take a bucket with you. Collect small objects that interest your toddler such as stones, leaves, and pine cones. Your toddler will want to carry the bucket, just don’t be surprised if he also dumps its contents and starts again. Toddlers this age love to fill containers and empty them again! All the while he will be practicing his hand movements and developing dexterity.

Have fun! 🙂


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