What size pacifier is best for your baby?

Pacifiers come in many different colors, designs, and nipple shapes. If you’re just starting out, it is a good idea to pick up a couple of different styles.  Maybe one with the standard round nipple and perhaps one of the “orthodontic” shapes that have a round top and a flat bottom. This will help you to see whether your baby has any preference. You will generally find them in two sizes, one for babies up to 6 months of age and another for those 6 months and older.

What size should the pacifier be? The answer is whatever size and style your baby prefers. Just be sure the model you buy is sturdy, with a shield that’s 1 1/4 inches or larger, so that your baby can’t put the entire pacifier into her mouth. The shield should have ventilation holes in it to allow air circulation. These holes are a necessity, because withouth them a baby’s saliva can collect behind the base and cause a skin rash or irritation.

When should you replace a pacifier?

That depends on how vigorously and often your baby sucks it. Pacifier nipples do wear down with age and use. Be sure to check the binky thoroughly before placing it in your baby’s mouth. Check for discoloration as well as holes, tears, and weak spots that could cause the nipple to break off when sucked, putting your baby at risk of choking. Some nipples will also become sticky with age.

Even in today’s economy, pacifiers aren’t very expensive, so it’s best to replace your baby’s as soon as it starts to show signs of deterioration.


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