How do you prevent diaper rash?

1. Be sure to keep your baby’s bottom as dry as possible. Do this by changing diapers frequently, including during the night if your baby’s skin is prone to diaper rash.

2. Thoroughly clean your baby’s bottom and genital areas during each diaper change. Sometimes the chemicals or fragrances in wipes may be too harsh for sensitive skin, so you might have to switch to warm water. Be sure to pat the area dry, don’t wipe.

3 . You can apply a barrier ointment if your baby is prone to diaper rash. Thick creams with petroleum jelly or zinc oxide ointment are usually the best. The cream will keep urine from touching the baby’s skin.

4. Be sure to use loose-fitting diapers. Perhaps one a little too big if your baby is prone to the rash. The air must be kept circulating inside the diaper to keep the skin dry.

5. Use clean cloth diapers in fragrance-free detergent to help sensitive bottoms. Don’t use plastic pants if you use cloth diapers. This will trap the heat and moisture inside.


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