What are the hidden dangers of pacifiers and thumbsucking?

There are some things that parents should definitely be aware of when allowing their children to use a pacifier. To reduce the choking danger, always purchase pacifiers that come as a “solid” molded piece instead of those which have been created as separate pieces fused together.

Check the pacifier frequently, especially the nipple end, to make sure that it has not become brittle. Brittle nipples can break and they will choke your child. Also, you should never tie a pacifier around your child’s neck as this can create a strangulation danger.

Using a pacifier or sucking a thumb are quite normal behviors for small children and should not concern parents until the child’s permanent teeth start to come in. By this time most children will have given up the habit. If yours has not, you should explain to your child why they need to stop, then gradually wean them from the pacifier or thumbsucking. Use of the Pacifier B Gone system is an excellent way to wean them off of their pacifier using positive reinforcement.


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