Top Tactics for Pacifier Weaning

Regardless of which specific strategy you choose when weaning your child off a pacifier, the best methods share these common tactics.

Tactic #1: Make It A Multi-Day Process

Leading behavioral scientists have discovered that it takes roughly 21 days for a person to break a habit. No wonder it’s extremely stressful to try and break a child’s paci-habit in a day. From my experience, I’ve found that 7 days is just enough time for your child to become pacifier free.

Tactic #2: Use Positive Reinforcement

Help your child understand the reason why they need to give up their pacifier. Explain to them that they’re becoming a big kid and this is a part of growing up. Encourage your child by letting them know you’re proud of them and build up their confidence every chance you get.      

Tactic #3: Make The Process Fun And Memorable

Make this a week to remember! Read special stories to them during bedtime. Make a special calendar together to count down the days during the weaning off of a pacifier process. Build excitement and anticipation until the day when the Binky Fairy takes their pacifier and leaves them a special friend. Throw a party to celebrate the fact that they’re getting big and growing up.

Tactic #4: Provide Support and Leadership

Once you decide on a plan that you feel is in the best interest of your child, see it through to the end. Be confident and remain strong emotionally. Children can pick up on our emotions and mirror them back to us. So be sure to stay calm and in control.

Finally, do everything in your power to make the entire weaning off of a pacifier program a fun and loving experience. With a little creativity, you can make it a milestone you and your child will remember forever.

Michelle Spitzer

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