Shake It Up! Dance Tips for Babies!

Here are some dance tips for babies from newborn to three months!

From newborn to three months, your baby will mostly just lie there, except when he’s crying. So how can you connect with him and have fun?

Shake It UP! Dance! Dance!

In the afternoons when your baby gets grumpy, nothing  will work as well as dancing with her.  Put on some Motown music! Like the Temptations or the Supremes! You can even try a little disco with Donna Summer or get that John Travolta swing going with the Bee Gees!  While you are dancing, you can either put her in the sling or hold her in your arms.

At first she will prefer soft swaying. Later on she will like you to swing her in the air or bump her up and down. (Be sure to offer neck support and don’t shake your baby.) When your arms get tired, put your baby down. but keep up the dancing!

You can also try some silly exaggerated movements like jazz hands or shaking your butt. These movements are particularly funny to babies.  Be sure to close the drapes so the neighbors won’t see! 🙂


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