Baby Feeding Tips

Tip #1 Keep Baby Close
Be sure that you bring your baby’s high chair right up to the table, so he feels part of the family. Some people like to set the high chair to one side, but this can cause a baby to create some attention demanding scenes! It is also better for him to observe everyone else enjoying their meals, because he’s more likely to do the same.

Tip #2 Introduce A Spoon
Many babies will start using a spoon in the early feeding stage, even though some don’t master the art of feeding themselves until well after their first birthday. As soon as your baby seems interested in giving it a try, then give him a spoon and bowl, but remember to protect the carpet!

To minimize the mess, it’s a good idea to have two bowls and two spoons at the table: One set for you and one for baby! Try using a baby bowl with a “sucker” that sticks to the table and put a SMALL amount of food into it. This lowers the amount of food for baby to throw at you … and you will also have the majority of your baby’s meal intact, to feed him while he occupies himself with his exciting new spoon!

Always take advantage of the fact that a baby, busy concentrating on something, will absent-mindedly open his mouth when you hold a spoon to it! If you’ve been having trouble getting your baby to eat, perhaps this will prove to be a very useful technique!

A good way to help your baby to learn to feed himself is by trying to give him foods that stick easily to the spoon. It’s so sad to watch a baby work hard to pick something up, only for it to roll off before it reaches his mouth!

You will need to draw on your huge reserves of motherly patience during this stage. It can be very messy. Be sure you protect your baby’s clothes by putting a “splatter” mat or newspaper on the floor. This will help you to feel more relaxed and your baby will happily “dig in”.


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