Pass the Pacifier: A Fun Game for Adults!

How to Play the Game: Ask your guests to sit in a circle and tell them that they will be passing a pacifier around. Sounds easy, right? Well, they must pass the pacifier from mouth to mouth using pencils! Using your hands is taboo!

How to Prepare for the Game: Give each of your guests a pencil. Ask them to put the pencils in their mouths while they pass the pacifier around the circle via the pencils. If the pacifier is dropped, that guest is out of the game. The last person standing wins.

Other Possible Variations:
This game can also be played using toothpicks and Life Savers, if your guests are up for it!

Suggested Prizes: Since this game is all about the mouth, award the winning guest with some lip gloss.

Closing Thoughts: Passing the pacifier is surprisingly harder than it seems. Guests will laugh and have a good time with this shower game since they are interacting at such a close level.


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