Suri Cruise Still Has Her Binky!

The news lit up recently that Suri Cruise, daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, had been spotted out in public with a new fashion accessory, one that was getting more criticism than her usual display of designer clothing. Suri, at age five, was sucking away at a pacifier.

In a recently study, Pediatrics, the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics it was found that nearly 70% of parents offer their infant children pacifiers. They help to soothe babies, may protect against SIDS, and, more commonly, give parents a few moments of peace. On the downside, pacifiers may interfere with breastfeeding, bolster middle ear infections or even cause dental problems. Or a media frenzy if you are Tom Cruise’s daughter!

Many parents, with Tom Cruise and Kathy Holmes being no exception, latch on to pacifiers as another tool to make our days easier. Most of them are thrilled when their child first “takes” to their pacifier. Like Suri, it gives them a means to soothe themselves. Sometimes even when the child finds his thumb it is a blessing, because they can’t drop or lose it in the middle of the night.

But seriously, how old is “too old” for a pacifier? Doctors generally recommend weaning a baby off his pacifier at around his first birthday. Of course, it’s not uncommon to see toddlers and even pre-schoolers with a binky in their mouth. Some mothers have found that the babysitter will take the binky away, usually by age four, if they don’t. Not that this makes it any easier for them. They usually cry well after it is gone. But even though most of them turn out okay, we can empathize with little Suri Cruise.

Most parents love to look at how others raise their kids and either nod and smile or cluck and whisper. Tom Cruise and Kathy Holmes are going to do what they are going to do. But what do you think? How old is too old for a pacifier? How did you wean your child?

If you are not sure if you know what to do and you think your child is ready, check out our Pacifier B Gone web site for more information on our product.


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