How Can I Get My Child to Stop Using His Pacifier?

Most moms start asking themselves that question when their children start turning  two. They begin to  realize it’s time to for their child to kick the pacifier habit, but the big question is HOW.

The following is the step-by-step plan from me, Michelle Spitzer, the founder of Pacifier B Gone(TM). My goal was to create a nurturing method that would help children make the adjustment in a stress-free way without any tears.




Pre-Day 1:

  • Remove all pacifiers from the house. Be sure to look under beds and in any hiding places
  • Restrict usage from this point on to only nap time and bedtime.
  • Strengthen your resolve. Take to heart that you are doing what’s in your child’s best interest. Be strong, have a positive attitude and most importantly, have FUN! Your child will draw strength from your example of positive leadership.

Day 1:

Create a simple calendar that counts down the days to when the Binky Fairy will come and leave them their special friend.
*Before bedtime:

  • Talk to your child about the fact that they’re getting to be a big boy or girl.
  • Have them help you place the Calendar on the wall in their room. Point out the Binky Fairy and the Gold Star at the end.
  • Explain to them how this calendar will be a very special part of them getting big.
  •  Just before bed, tell your child about getting big and the Binky Fairy.

Days 2-6:

  • Provide time to ensure your child is quiet and peaceful before going to bed.
  • Place the sticker for that day on the calendar and count down the days together.
  • Read the story of the Binky Fairy coming from the “Now I’m Big” book just before your child goes to sleep.

Day 7:

  • Repeat your bedtime ritual as you did on days 2-6.
  • Remember, tonight is special because the Binky Fairy is coming!
  • Discuss with your child what being “Big Now” means.
  • Explain how proud you are of them as they’re growing up.
  • Ask your child if they know what’s going to happen tonight.
  • Remove your child’s last pacifier while they are sleeping.
  • Place a special stuffed animal (a gift from the Binky Fairy) in the bed next to your child as they’re sleeping.

Day 8: Celebrate!

  • Create a special “Now I’m Big” certificate from the Binky Fairy.
  • Have your child place a special sticker on the calendar you created.
  • Tell your child how proud you are of them and that keep reinforcing that they are getting BIG!
  • Celebrate by baking a cake, preparing their favorite meal or taking them out to their favorite restaurant.

One of the biggest keys to being successful in getting rid of the pacifier is following the step-by-step system every day and having confidence in yourself.

By using this 7 day program you can make the whole process of getting rid of a pacifier fun, memorable and nurturing.
For more information, including tips and resources on working with toddlers visit


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