How to Handle the Stress of Stay-at-Home Parenting

When your full-time job is being a mom, it’s like any other job – you run the risk of  burnout from stress, too much to do, and doing the same job day after day with little help.

Few stay-at-home parents get a vacation from their “job,” so it’s important to avoid burnout stress. Here are some ways to avoid getting mom burnout.

Take Care of Your Basic Needs

Be sure to get enough sleep, eat right and get regular exercise. If you take care of yourself, you’ll be better equipped to handle your busy days and you can avoid getting overstressed.

Do Some Things for Yourself Just for Fun

Take a class, take a walk alone, go to the gym. Whatever it takes for you to get a short break from your responsibilities.

Delegate Out

Don’t try to be a Super Mom! Don’t be afraid to rely on outsiders to teach and tutor your children, make your window treatments, and make food for your parties, even if you know you can do it better.

Get Help In

If you can’t afford a cleaning service or a regular babysitter, you can enlist the help of your husband, your kids, your extended family, and your friends and neighbors.

Stay Scheduled

Find a routine that works for you, then write it down and stick to it. If you do not have a regular schedule, you may find yourself opening your day planner one day to see that you’ve got too much to do and by that time you will be headed for burnout.

Enjoy Your Life, Enjoy Your Children

Be sure to remind yourself why you’re a stay-at-home mom. When things get too stressful, take a breath, sit down and do a puzzle with your kids. It is best to focus on what you enjoy about these years.


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