How do you use positive reinforcement to wean your child off of a pacifier?

 The most important thing to keep in mind is not to put too much pressure on your child. Avoid using harsh words or punishment if she doesn’t cooperate. This will upset her and cause more harm than good. Focus on positive reinforcement instead by rewarding and praising your child for the times when she doesn’t use the pacifier. This will encourage a change.

Help your child understand the reason why they need to give up their pacifier. Explain to them that they’re becoming a big kid and this is a part of growing up. Encourage your child by letting them know you’re proud of them and build up their confidence every chance you get. If a child is dependent on the pacifier to be calmed and soothed, try giving it to him or her only when absolutely necessary and using positive reinforcement to wean them off the habit.


Make It Fun and Stay Positive


This might sound like simple advice, but you’ll be surprised how much of a difference this one thing alone will make. If you approach the pacifier weaning process with fear, stress or worry, you can be sure that your children will pick up on it. Trust your mom instincts and just have fun. Use the pacifier weaning process as a teaching tool to help your child understand that they are now getting big. Let them know that a part of being a big kid is no longer needing to use their binky. Reinforce this important concept throughout the day and especially at night before they go to sleep. Children love stories. Be sure to use this to your advantage. Tell them a story about the magical Binky Fairy and how when it’s time for them to become BIG, the Binky Fairy will come while they’re sleeping and leave them a special friend (Sunny Duck Stuffed Animal) who will keep their pacifier safe. Build excitement and anticipation until the day when the Binky Fairy takes their pacifier and leaves them a special friend. Throw a party to celebrate the fact that they’re getting big and growing up.


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