Pacifiers – It’s a Debate – Funny Pacifiers???

The Bottom Line – Funny Pacifiers?????  What do you think?

Ok… Your baby uses a pacifier and that’s okay for now until it is time for pacifier weaning.  So why not have some fun with it.  You gotta check out this funny pacifier video.  Would you let your child use one of these?  What would others think as you are strolling through the mall with your baby in his/her stroller with vampire teeth, or buck teeth, or even BIG lips?  You might make your baby famous with “photo ops” at the park….  Sometimes we need to not take things soooo seriously and just have a little fun.  Enjoy the video.  

Bio –
This blog was written by Michelle Spitzer.  Michelle created Pacifier B Gone™ – The Nurturing Answer to Pacifier Weaning as a result of weaning her two children from their pacifier.  She knew from personal experience that parents face a real problem.  Their problem is determining the best way to remove the pacifier from their child without the trauma that can be associated with the process.  Through consulting with pediatriations, child psychiatrist’ and good old fashion trial and error Pacifier B Gone™ was created.  Pacifier B Gone™ is award winning, parent approved, and doctor approved system that is EASY, FUN, and a MAGICAL experience for both the parent and child.


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