Pacifiers – It’s a Debate – When To Wean From Pacifier

The Bottom Line – Does my child need a pacifier and when should I wean him/her?

Every baby and child is unique. Only you the parent knows best when this decision is made. My oldest daughter only used her pacifier from birth to the age of 4 months. She then spit her pacifier out and never used it again. However, she found another coping mechanism being her thumb and her underwear. I know the underwear thing sounds kind of funny but she used to suck her thumb and rub her underwear just like a blankie. She is my independent child and as a 4 month old baby she learned how to self pacify herself. My other two children used their pacifier’s from birth until I weaned them at ages 2 and 3 years of age. They were addicted to their pacifier and I had no idea how I was going to make this transition until I created the Pacifier B Gone™ – The Nurturing Solution to pacifier weaning. Pacifier B Gone™ is a fun, loving and magical way that reduced and even eliminated PPT – Post Paci Trauma in most situations. Unless your child weans themselves from the pacifier like my oldest daughter (now 11) I recommend beginning the weaning process between the ages 2 to 3 years of age. This is as they are beginning to really embrace speech development, motor skills, teeth development, and learn life long skills.

Bio –
This blog was written by Michelle Spitzer. Michelle created Pacifier B Gone™ – The Nurturing Answer to Pacifier Weaning as a result of weaning her two children from their pacifier. She knew from personal experience that parents face a real problem. Their problem is determining the best way to remove the pacifier from their child without the trauma that can be associated with the process. Through consulting with pediatriations, child psychiatrist’ and good old fashion trial and error Pacifier B Gone™ was created. Pacifier B Gone™ is award winning, parent approved, and doctor approved system that is EASY, FUN, and a MAGICAL experience for both the parent and child.


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