Pacifiers – It’s a Debate – What kind is best?

The Bottom Line – What kind of pacifier should I give my baby?

There are a lot of different brands of pacifiers available on the market such as Avent, Gerber, and Nuk to name a few.  The best thing to do is try different ones until you find one that your baby loves best.  There are basically two types of pacifiers.  You’re “Basic Pacifier” which closely resembles “mom” and the “Orthodontic Pacifier”.  The Orthodontic Pacifiers are angled pacifiers with a wide tip. “Orthodontic means that your baby’s top and bottom jaw are in a correct position when he’s sucking on it,” said Julie Barna, a doctor of dental medicine and spokeswoman for the Academy of General Dentistry.

Pacifiers are made with either silicone or latex and come in a large variety of colors and styles.  The Consumer Reports recommend silicone over latex pacifiers because some babies can develop an allergy or sensitivity to latex.  They also claim that silicone eliminates that potential problem and tends to hold up longer.

Make sure the pacifier you choose is age appropriate.  They come in three sizes – infant to six months, six to 18 months, and babies 18 months and older.  Choose a pacifier made in one piece.  These are the best because the nipple and base are firmly attached to avoid a choking hazard.  Most importantly choose a pacifier with a soft and pliable nipple.  Despite the “orthodontically-shaped” pacifiers being available, what really matters is that the nipple feels right to your baby.

Bio –
This blog was written by Michelle Spitzer.  Michelle created Pacifier B Gone™ – The Nurturing Answer to Pacifier Weaning as a result of weaning her two children from their pacifier.  She knew from personal experience that parents face a real problem.  Their problem is determining the best way to remove the pacifier from their child without the trauma that can be associated with the process.  Through consulting with pediatritions, child psychiatrist’ and good old fashion trial and error Pacifier B Gone™ was created.  Pacifier B Gone™ is award winning, parent approved, and doctor approved system that is EASY, FUN, and a MAGICAL experience for both the parent and child.


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