Pacifiers – It’s a Debate – Should My Child Use A Pacifier?

The Bottom Line – Should my child use a pacifier?

The pacifier serves its purpose.  Although this is a personal choice and debatable… here are a few reasons why you may choose to have your child use a pacifier.

The use of a pacifier usually begins at birth and helps soothe your infant when they are tired, hungry, and/or stressed.  Plus, many babies enjoy suckling after feedings (on either breast or bottle), when this is the case the choice for your baby to use a pacifier may be for you.  The sucking/suckling babies do when they feed consoles them.  Therefore, pacifiers give almost the same kind of comfort without food.  I found that all of my babies wanted to use me as a pacifier after their feedings, and I didn’t want to let them do that.  Therefore, I personally decided to let my children, when they were babies, use a pacifier.

Pacifier use also helps reduce the stress of the parent as an example; if they need to buy some time to get out of a store or help get their baby to sleep.  As a parent, anything can help so you can get some sleep yourself, right?  A less stressed parent makes a better parent too.

The American Academy of Pediatrics actually encourages parents to offer their child a pacifier as a newborn because their use has been shown to reduce the risk of SIDS.  This may be a huge reason alone to decide to let your newborn use a pacifier.

Also, your neo-natal care units caring for premature babies purposely give their infant patients a pacifier to teach them the basic survival skills such as breathing, sucking, and swallowing.  Without these skills there are NO chances of survival.  This alone is another significant purpose the pacifier serves.

Now, with all of this said, we all know that there comes a day when it is time to be “BIG NOW” and give up the pacifier.  The questions are when and how?  There are further studies that show pacifier weaning can be one of the first traumatic events that occur in a young child’s life.  Sudden removal of the pacifier without the proper transition in preparing your child can result in PPT- Post Pacifier Trauma.  Knowing this, weaning your child from their pacifier should be done with care and done right the first time.

Watch for my future postings featuring: Selecting the right pacifier for an Infant and Toddler.  How much is too much, is it an addiction, what about other people’s criticism?  How do I know it’s time to stop using the pacifier?  How do I avoid causing PPT – Post Paci Trauma? and much more to come…

Michelle Spitzer, Creator and Mommy of 3 AMAZING children

Bio –

This blog was written by Michelle Spitzer.  Michelle created Pacifier B Gone™ – The Nurturing Answer to Pacifier Weaning as a result of weaning her two children from their pacifier.  She knew from personal experience that parents face a real problem.  Their problem is determining the best way to remove the pacifier from their child without the trauma that can be associated with the process.  Through consulting with pediatricians, child psychiatrist’, pre-school teachers and good old fashion trial and error Pacifier B Gone™ was created.  Pacifier B Gone™ is an award-winning, parent approved and doctor approved system that is EASY, FUN and a MAGICAL experience for both the parent and child.


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